Innova is a leading company in planning, design, project management, and construction of projects in healthcare, including general practice, dental, specialists, day hospitals, imaging, and hospitals. We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio, from private clinics to national rollout projects.

Your healthcare practice’s location, design, construction and fit-out are essential to its success. Your practice should be situated in an optimal location, designed to maximise your working processes and be fitout to keep your patients comfortable. Innova has 17 years of managing healthcare rollouts across Australia. We have the experience and industry knowledge to design, build and fit-out your new medical, dental or specialist practice anywhere in the country, managing the entire process to let you focus on running your business.

Our Process


  • Site Feasibility
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Programming
  • Workplace, Workshops & Briefing


  • Site Survey
  • Authority Approvals & Landlord Liaison
  • Documentation Package
  • Finish Selections & Schedules


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Move
  • Post Construction Services

Planning is one of the most critical aspects of developing a new site. It’s a complicated process that can be difficult to navigate without experience. Partnering with Innova early means you’ll have expert leadership to guide you through site selection and feasibility testing.

We conduct comprehensive market research on potential sites – not just in terms of current demographic and possible competition.

We look at the long-term viability of your business operating in that location.

Innova has strong partnerships with property developers across Australia. We have early access to new developments and real estate opportunities. Whether you’re looking at setting up a single practice or several outlets in every state, we’re equipped to help you find the optimal locations for your business.

Innova’s process involves developing a budget and a business case. We understand the industry and the variables to do this confidently. Our nationwide contacts allow us to specify products and allocate resources to ensure we can offer one price for your construction or fitout, whether in a central business district, rural or regional setting. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes.

We are consistent in our estimation practices – establishing an all-inclusive budget complete with plans with which you can report confidently to your board.

Innova has worked with healthcare providers of all types, from general practitioners to those in highly specialist fields. We understand the complexities of equipment and processes and know the importance of designing spaces that don’t just comply with healthcare and building regulations but also optimise workflow. But it’s not just the staff we design for. We have ample experience creating waiting rooms, recovery rooms and other patient-centric areas primed to reduce stress and promote healing.

The construction process is just as easy. At the beginning of every project, you’ll be assigned a Project Manager who will be your single point of contact throughout the entire process. Your Project Manager will have oversight across every site and will be able to report progress to you at any stage. Whether developing single or in multiple locations, in neighbouring suburbs or on opposite sides of the country, up-to-the-minute updates can be provided at any time. Innova is experienced and very familiar with building codes and health care regulations, and we will ensure every project complies with all necessary approvals.

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