The office now: what is mobile furniture and ‘innovation space’?

Trends in office layout come and go, often with style taking priority over substance. However, with expert consideration of how design principles can affect your employees’ interactions, you can develop what experts in the design field call ‘innovation spaces’. These commercial layouts are designed to encourage creative thinking by removing barriers such as walls and … Continued

How to shape Australian retail around disabled customers

One in five. That’s the number of Australians who have some form of disability according to the Australian Network on Disability (AND). If your retail space isn’t designed with the needs of this 20 per cent in mind, you’ll not only be missing out on income – you’ll spurn the chance to build a positive, … Continued

How Is Flexible Working Reshaping Australia’s Commercial Spaces?

The priorities of the millennial workforce are focused around flexibility and mobility. While working How much should workflow influence commercial design? One of the key characteristics of the millennial workforce is its focus on flexibility. Not only in working hours, but in roles, tasks and progression opportunities. It’s the “more is more” mentality writ large … Continued

Where Is Australia’s Office Construction Activity Happening?

There are numerous Australian office construction hotspots – an Australia’s commercial construction is abuzz. With multiple sectors picking up momentum in the last few years (taking over from the resources sector), we’ve seen some excellent growth. The Australian Industry Group anticipates a 1.8 per cent increase in commercial construction this financial year, rising to 9.4 per cent … Continued

3 Workplace Design Approaches That Absolutely Need To Go

They say bad office design is in the eye of the beholder, but they’re wrong. Every year, new trend pieces emerge telling us what constitutes good and bad office design, largely based on the tastes of the time or a prevailing aesthetic. What these articles don’t do is warn you when office design mistakes can … Continued

How Can Retailers Compete In The Age Of Amazon?

Will you be a David, or join the Goliath? This is the question many small to medium Australian retailers face, following Amazon’s expansion into the Australian market. With huge funding, a large-scale warehousing presence and a focus on the convenience of online shopping, Amazon has caused concern for a huge number of businesses that don’t want to join … Continued

How To Boost Customer Loyalty In Your Retail Or Healthcare Business

There are numerous ways to get ahead of competition in traditional as well as healthcare retail environments, but the true key to success is retaining the most important resource of all – your customers. Having a beautifully designed space or being in an optimal location can certainly help, but it’s impossible to boost customer loyalty without … Continued

Pantone’s Colour Of The Year Is Ultra-Violet: Could It Work For You?

Pantone announced the 2018 Color of the Pantone announced the 2018 Color of the Year back in December. The winning tone, dubbed Ultra-Violet, is a wonderfully deep purple that leaps off any surface lucky enough to wear it. The Pantone Color Institute, a global leader in interior design trends, selected this shade because it perfectly … Continued

5 Workplace Design Trends For 2018

Once upon a time, designing an office may have simply been a case of “fill this room with desks, but don’t spend a lot of money” and while that may have worked then, it doesn’t now. With a greater amount of research into workflow and professional output as well as a multitude of creative new … Continued