Innova has successfully delivered one off projects and multi-site programs for many of Australia’s leading companies within the healthcare, commercial, animal health and retail sectors.

Our team of national project managers are experienced in delivering fast tracked projects, ensuring our clients spaces are built to the same quality standard in the most time and cost effective way.

National Fitouts

Innova’s national footprint compliments our clients’ programs.  We provide a practical and affordable approach to every fitout, to ensure your built environment compliments your operational needs.

Our network of subcontractors across Australia also ensure we can manage and deliver your project quickly and cost effectively.

Innova also specialises in procurement initiatives for roll out projects, including specialised equipment, which allow our clients to get on site quicker and operate within their space sooner.  Not only does this shorten the overall project timeline from concept to completion, but also generates cost savings for our clients, ultimately improving their ROI.

Project Costing

Innova delivers all fitout projects adopting a construction management model.

In doing so, we:

  • Provide early budget estimates based on preliminary designs
  • Monitor and advise of any cost amendments resulting from changes to the design brief
  • Conduct a detailed tender process on every project, sourcing multiple quotes at a trade level
  • Provide a detailed cost breakdown for every project in the form of a fixed price quotation
  • Manage site activities and control all site meetings
  • Coordinate external consultants and authorities during the build phase
  • Manage the contracts administration process throughout the project or program life cycle
  • Aim to achieve project handover with minimal or no variations

1. Strategic Procurement:

At Innova Group, we excel in strategic procurement, a crucial stage in any successful fitout project. Our procurement specialists leverage their extensive industry knowledge and network to source high-quality materials, fixtures, and furnishings for your project. We focus on cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, ensuring that your fitout stays within budget. Our strategic approach means we have the capability to secure the best suppliers and materials, delivering value to our clients and optimizing project outcomes.

2. Competitive Tendering:

Innova Group is your trusted partner for competitive tendering, an essential element in achieving a cost-effective fitout. We conduct a thorough analysis of the project’s requirements and seek competitive bids from qualified contractors and suppliers. Through our extensive network and experience, we ensure that you receive the most competitive and transparent pricing. Our commitment to fair and open tendering processes guarantees that you get the best value for your investment, without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

3. Final Budget and Program:

Innova Group excels in establishing the final budget and program for your fitout project. Our experienced team assesses your requirements, aligning them with your budget constraints and project timeline. We provide you with a detailed cost estimate and a well-structured program that outlines each phase of the fitout process. This transparent approach ensures that your project stays on track, with no unexpected financial surprises, and that deadlines are met as planned. Our client-centric approach means we prioritize your goals and requirements at every step.

4. On-Time Project Delivery:

At Innova Group, on-time project delivery is our commitment to you. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and managing resources efficiently. Our dedicated project management team closely monitors progress, ensuring that your fitout is completed as scheduled. We value clear communication with our clients, providing regular updates on project status and addressing any potential delays proactively. Our reputation for timely project delivery is a testament to our dedication to meeting your expectations.

Innova Group is your go-to partner for seamless fitout projects. Our expertise in strategic procurement, competitive tendering, final budget and program development, and on-time project delivery ensures that your fitout experience is efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs. With Innova Group, you can trust that your fitout project will be executed to the highest standards, on schedule, and within budget, exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

Our Process


  • Site Feasibility
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Programming
  • Workplace, Workshops & Briefing


  • Site Survey
  • Authority Approvals & Landlord Liaison
  • Documentation Package
  • Finish Selections & Schedules


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Strategic Procurement
  • Competitive Tendering
  • Final Budget and Program
  • On-Time Project Delivery


  • Move
  • Post Construction Services