Key Considerations for an Animal Hospital Design

When it comes to designing veterinary hospitals, there are several key elements that should be taken into consideration to ensure the facility is functional, safe, and conducive to providing high-quality veterinary care. Some of these key elements include: It’s important to consider separate areas for dog and cat waiting and treatment areas. For example, dogs … Continued

The Most Important Design Considerations for Veterinary Practices

Designing healthcare facilities run hand-in-hand with highly specific rules and regulations that ensure safe, hygienic and well-functioning medical environments, and design considerations for veterinary practices are even more specialised. In these spaces, designers not only have to think of patients and staff, but also the practical and hygiene factors that come into play when animals … Continued

5 Important Considerations for Australia’s $150k Instant Asset Write Off Expansion.

Australia ㅡ The Australian government announced on 12 March an instant asset write off increase from $30,000 to $150,000, valid until 30 June 2020.  On June 9th 2020, it was announced that this 150k Instant Asset Write-off will be extended until Dec 31st 2020, the proposed change is subject to the Parliamentary process and not yet law. … Continued

How Biophilic Design Can Promote Healing

Healthcare architecture has long evoked an institutional atmosphere, but evolving design trends are headed in a more natural direction. Hospitals have begun integrating biophilia into their design – and the effect on patients is truly therapeutic.   What Is Biophilic Design? Biophilia (meaning love of living systems) is a concept that centers around human’s internal fascination … Continued

5 Design Trends For Your Dental Clinic

When looking to build your new or improved dental clinic fitout, you’ll soon find there are lots of good (and bad) options in dental clinic design. And just like all design trends, the good ones often help improve the look, flow and efficiency of your dental practice while enhancing your dental patient’s experience. Here at … Continued

How And Why You Should Become An NDIS Provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to assist all Australians under the age of 65 who are living with a permanent disability. This scheme focuses on providing the necessary support each individual requires to live an ordinary life. It’s a people-based approach, where the NDIS tailors a support plan specific to each participant. The participant is … Continued

Technology Tips For Enhancing Your New Rollout Design

Industry commentators like Deloitte, PwC and McKinsey are predicting huge changes in the way the retail sector will function. The name of the game is using technology to provide the best customer experience. If you’re about to roll out new branches, you may be presented with an ideal opportunity to incorporate the emerging customer-centric approaches to … Continued

3 Technical Considerations For Commercial Fitouts

Setting up a new office is a wonderful and exciting time for businesses. You’ll be weighing up colour schemes, buying new furniture and contemplating new layouts, and this is before you consider the long-term benefits of an exciting new space. As essential as these big, bold decisions are – there’s a lot of other things to factor in that … Continued

4 Essential Factors For A Successful New Office Development

The development of a  new workplace is generally considered to be the process by which your business establishes their new offices and develops their new workplace environment. This new environment will be highly influential to the productivity, motivation and staff retention at your company, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. At Innova this also includes the … Continued

Will Your New Office Reflect Your Company Culture?

Establishing culture in the workplace is about far more than logos and company colours. It’s about creating a cohesive environment that is on one hand conducive to the way your employees work and on the other hand reflects your brand values. You’ll be looking to create a space where your employees, clients and visitors feel … Continued