Our expert, results-oriented team focuses on building you a unique clinic that your furry friends will love.

At Innova Group, we have over 17 years of experience in design, layout, and fitouts. We’ve worked successfully with veterinarians across Australia to help bring their clinics to life. We understand that the animals you care for are important and that your clinic must be designed and built with the utmost care to respect the animals and their families.

Whether you’re a solo veterinary clinic or hospital or have multiple locations, we can help you take your vision and make it a reality. Our expert, results-oriented team focuses on building you a unique clinic that your furry friends will love.

Trust Innova Group to help with your veterinary fitout, and get your clinic up and running on time and on budget.

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What Is a Veterinary Fitout?

Vet fitouts design, build, and finish your clinic or hospital with all the items needed to bring the space to fruition. A veterinary fitout contractor will partner with you to identify your goals and vision for the clinic, and they will streamline the process to get you up and running. We are well-versed in the industry’s requirements and regulatory codes and work with you to ensure they are all followed while building your clinic.

We focus on:

  •     Small start-up veterinarians
  •     Large animal clinics
  •     Specialists clinics
  •     Veterinary hospitals
  •     Emergency veterinary hospitals
  •     Chain veterinary clinics

And this is just the start. If you have a veterinary clinic or hospital project, our fitout professionals can help you build a clinic that will comfort your animals and their families while still streamlining your processes and creating efficiencies for your team.

At Innova Group, veterinary fitouts are one of our specialities.

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Expertise Matters for Your Clinic

Do you really need the expertise and experience of veterinary fitout companies when designing your clinic? In fact, yes, an expert will make things much easier for you. The design and layout of your clinic or hospital matters not only for the comfort of your furry friends but also to keep the sterile environment you need and to follow all the industry regulations regarding joinery, medical gases, medications, and safety.

Your clinic must be designed with all the regulations in mind, and it must still feel warm and inviting to your patients. To create a space that works well for your employees while still following industry standards and taking into account the comfort of the animals, veterinary fitout contractors are important. Trust Innova Group to help with your vet fitout and watch your clinic start to take shape.

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What We Do

If you’re looking to design a new clinic or hospital or you’re looking to update your current one with better, more advanced medical equipment, our team at Innova can help you design your space and give your clinic the attention it deserves. As a leading fitout company in Australia, we know how important your layout is and can help you achieve the space you’re looking for.

We understand that veterinary medical facilities are complex, and we lean on our nationwide experience to build clinics and hospitals that are functional and comfortable for everyone. We understand that medicine and technology will continue to evolve, so we design spaces with that in mind, allowing your practice to grow and adapt to the ever-changing advances.

We can give you peace of mind by handling your project from start to finish, working with you through the very beginning planning stages to understand your business to the final day of building.

Our team is:

  •  Fast and efficient. We have a nationwide team of vendors and subcontractors that can help build your clinic quickly so you can get up and running.
  •  Consistent. We follow the same processes and procedures no matter where in Australia you are located.
  •  Results-oriented. Our teams are highly trained and skilled and will get the results you are looking for quickly.
  •  Cost-effective. We have national buying power and work with our suppliers constantly to find the best prices possible to pass on to you.

The Innova Group Process

We manage every project from start to finish at Innova Group. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while your clinic is being built. We keep you informed every step of the way, partnering with you to get your veterinary fitout done efficiently and cost-effectively. We do this by breaking the project apart into four sections:

  1.  Planning. In this phase, we focus on understanding the needs of your clinic and confirm the regulations in your area. By partnering with us early in this critical phase, we can work through the details and move forward smoothly.
  2.  Estimating. We work with our nationwide vendors and suppliers to get you the best possible prices for your clinic and put together a solid estimate for your project.
  3.  Design. We take your vision and design a space that best meets the needs of your staff and your furry patients, focusing on the functional aspect as well as the emotional.
  4.  Construction. Finally, we start building your clinic, and you get to see everything you’ve worked for come to life.

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Our team of experienced architects, interior designers, project managers, and construction managers work hard to do right by you. The Innova Group team has a reputation for creating designs and delivering them to the highest standards. Partner with us for your next veterinary fitout and see the difference.

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Our Process


  • Site Feasibility
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Programming
  • Workplace, Workshops u0026 Briefing


  • Site Survey
  • Authority Approvals u0026 Landlord Liaison
  • Documentation Package
  • Finish Selections u0026 Schedules


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Move
  • Post Construction Services