Start to finish fitout management for patient-centric hospitals

Our hospital fit out specialists, Innova Group, can help you get set up with a professional, attractive and functional fit out. 

Innova Group is a hospital fit out company that has catered to health practitioners, medical clinics and hospitals across the country for over 17 years. Our hospital fit out specialists years of experience serving the Australian healthcare and wellness sector has allowed us to develop an in-depth understanding of the needs of healthcare practitioners, administrative staff and patients when it comes to these buildings.

Our work is always a collaborative process with our clients. Our hospital fit out specialists work with you, bringing our expertise in site analysis, planning, construction and design to the operational needs and vision of your new hospital.

Fitouts that Understand the Healthcare Industry

We understand how greatly a medical fit-out impacts everyday healthcare operations. 

A soothing, clean and professional appearance inspires confidence in your patients. An organised well-orientated layout properly accommodates equipment, storage facilities and walkways to help health practitioners maintain best practices of care. 

Our hospital fit out specialists take their role seriously in delivering a finish that makes the most out of the brief and budget, and complies with all the best practices of hospital design, to benefit everyone who will use the space. We exercise a stringent level of quality control throughout the life of the project to ensure your new hospital fitout meets all healthcare regulations and standards.

Innova Group have worked on numerous hospitals, specialist clinics and medical practices across Australia, throughout our 17 years of service. Explore our portfolio to see more examples of our completed projects.

What We Take Care Of

Innova Group will assume the management of the project, concept to completion. We pair every client with a project manager to ensure a smooth rollout, so that the medical fit out satisfyingly meets the requirements of the brief, and is on time and on budget. 

At Innova Group, we practice a systematic process to retain a high level of quality control at every stage. With a range of professionals with specialised expertise in their roles, and close collaboration with the hospital manager. 

The best time to get in contact with a hospital fit out company is during the stage where you are ready to look at locations, or have some in mind. Our team brings a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to evaluating different buildings, locations, zoning regulations, and estimating costs involved depending on the ‘bones’ of what we work with. 

Custom Healthcare Facilities

While we bring in-depth experience in healthcare design, we also understand that the needs of every healthcare facility and hospital are different, and can evolve over time. Therefore we always work to understand your goals, operational needs and space requirements to ensure a custom fit.

Our expertise and experience extends to across all the different areas in a hospital, for e.g. 

  • Waiting areas
  • Reception rooms
  • Wards
  • Lab areas
  • Operation theatres
  • Break rooms
  • Cafeteria

On top of our medical fitouts, Innova Group also provides construction for new builds to start fresh in a new location and extensions to expand hospital facilities. In all our fitouts and builds, we always strive to offer design solutions that will set the hospital apart, and put patients and doctors at ease. 

Our Design Values

It is our philosophy that every fitout should hold these values to deliver the best, longstanding outcomes for our clients: 

  • Functional We understand that every new hospital or medical clinic design must accommodate the equipment, storage and negative space. Prioritising function over appearance, we ensure the finishes and furniture we implement only help and not hinder your health practitioners and other staff. 
  • Timeless – Designs that don’t age are important in ensuring a professional, elegant appearance that won’t beg to be renovated in the next few years. Through paying attention to clean seamless spaces, full of natural light and purpose, we ensure that your new hospital fitout will never look dated. 
  • Highly efficient – We believe every hospital should receive quality fitouts, no matter the budget. Therefore our hospital fit out specialists are always looking to maximise the value you get out of a fit out for money. 
  • Reflect the character and brief of our clientsWe understand that every hospital and medical practice is different, therefore we always work with our client to make sure that your new design and layout stands out with your unique branding. In every medical fitout, our team will always talk with you to understand your goals and present you with options for different finishes and designs to help you meet them.

Start Discussing your New Hospital Fitout

If you are planning to open a new hospital, medical practice or extend into new rooms, our medical fitout specialists will take care of the project. Innova Group will assist you in analysing the site and local market, and estimating costs, so that you can have confidence in setting down roots. 

Our specialities also extend to veterinary clinics and other services in the retail and commercial sectors.


Our Process


  • Site Feasibility
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Programming
  • Workplace, Workshops u0026 Briefing


  • Site Survey
  • Authority Approvals u0026 Landlord Liaison
  • Documentation Package
  • Finish Selections u0026 Schedules


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Final Budget and Program
  • Quality Implementation
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Quality Construction


  • Move
  • Post Construction Services