4 Reasons For Healthcare Providers To Setup Shop In Malls

The way that people interact with businesses has changed drastically over the last ten to fifteen years. Convenience is now one of the biggest deciding factors in whether or not to engage with any particular product or business. Some healthcare organisations have recognised this, taking advantage of retail spaces to add more convenience to their patients experience. While healthcare providers in shopping centres are greatly beneficial to the patient, there are a number of benefits to the business as well.

1) Foot traffic & accessibility

The first advantage is that you have guaranteed foot traffic daily, without needing to spend an extra dollar on marketing. Even those that aren’t entering your store at first will become aware of it as a solution they may need in the future. Most shopping centres are fairly stringent in allowing tenancies, and the buying public recognise that your mall location guarantees a level of quality. Furthermore, shopping centres are virtually always built around public transportation, allowing people, including those with limited mobility, easy access to your service.

2) A controlled enviroment

There are two benefits to the mall environment that work in favour of your healthcare business. The first is that weather has a direct impact on sales. Studies have shown that shopping centres attract more visitors when the weather is abhorrent due to the dry and cool air conditioning. The second benefit is that this environment, by the nature of mall tenancies, can rather simply be extended into your own store, providing an optimal healthcare environment.

The high amount of foot traffic in shopping malls makes it much easier to attract new clients.

3) A destination with variety

Because a shopping mall offers a huge amount of variety in terms of products and services, they’re often a shopping destination – meaning that many people go there specifically to see what’s on offer rather than hunting down a particular thing. Many people come to browse, touch and try products or services. In this sense, a shopping mall is the only retail experience that can compete with the endless variety of online shopping.

4) Mall visitors have disposable income

Extending on the previous benefit, these casual browsers wouldn’t be in the mall if they weren’t prepared to spend money. Whether you’re offering a specialist service or providing pharmaceuticals or fast moving consumer goods, the potential for “impulse” buys is hugely beneficial. In this sense, all you have to do is advertise the benefits of your product, without having to employ a kind of “sales pitch” justifying customer spend.

Depending on the nature of your business, there are many more benefits you could potentially reap. The Innova team has strong relationships with tenancy managers of shopping centres and retail spaces across Australia, and we can help you attain a spot whether it’s a one off in a new development, or stores in every mall nationwide. To find out more, contact us today.