How And Why You Should Become An NDIS Provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to assist all Australians under the age of 65 who are living with a permanent disability. This scheme focuses on providing the necessary support each individual requires to live an ordinary life. It’s a people-based approach, where the NDIS tailors a support plan specific to each participant. The participant is then provided with funds and to pay for the support they need from a provider of their choice.

The new NDIS structure

Previously, the NDIS worked in such a way where providers were allocated by the government. The new model, as outlined above, changes things significantly both for the participants (the people living with disabilities) and for providers themselves (the businesses providing the support). For participants, having the ability to choose means that they can attain support from the provider that they believe has the best service. For providers, it means there is greater opportunities to provide support for NDIS participants, but these new opportunities also mean greater competition to become participants’ provider of choice.

Becoming an NDIS provider is not just great for your business, but for the community as well.

How becoming an NDIS member can benefit your business and your community

Becoming an NDIS provider can be hugely beneficial to your business as well as the community it’s part of. By providing more services to NDIS participants, you are ensuring a greater level of care is available to those who need it, and an increase in support ultimately leads to an increased quality of life. On the other hand, by having the correct facilities to provide this support, your operation will experience increased business as participants opt to do business with you as a top quality care provider.

How to become an NDIS provider

Primarily, you will need to understand how the scheme works and what kinds of services are eligible for funding. The NDIS’ primary concern is with increasing independence, and as such, the service does not provide funding for services not related to the participant’s disability. Becoming an efficient provider is about more than just understanding the services, however – it’s essential to understand the way the payment structures work. Additionally, you need to apply to become a provider, which involves providing proof that you are appropriately qualified to provide the necessary support.

How Innova can guide you through the process

Innova have over 27 years experience managing roll outs for healthcare providers. The new NDIS scheme presents a fantastic opportunity for growth, both in terms of providing additional services to assist participants, as well as rolling out new branches in locations where there is greater need for support than there are providers to supply it. We have a thorough understanding of how the scheme works and how your business can provide top tier support to increase independence for all of those Australians living with a disability.

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