Innova Sponsors And Presenters At Ama Conference

Innova are proud to announce that they were invited to present at AMA conference in April and November to their members in the “Starting in Private Practice Seminars”. Monica Benavides, our director, will be presenting the main facts to consider when designing and developing your rooms.

Monica Benavides, Innova Director, has been a main presenter in many medical conferences during the last few years educating doctors to be informed when they are ready to set up their medical rooms.

“There are a number of factors to consider when you are ready to go into your own practice, and making the right decisions from the beginning could save you time and money in the short and long term and could highly impact in the practice success”

says Monica

AMA among other medical organizations as Royal Australian College of Surgeons, RACGP and many medical practitioners have seen the befits to attend the conferences as this translates into savings and a more informed decision to develop their medical rooms.

“We are very excited with our inclusion in AMA seminars but also with our on going commitment to support the healthcare industry the best possible way to enhance the practice of the medicine in Australia. We are looking at expanding our sponsorship and presentations within the medical industry to various colleges and associations in order to increase our exposure in the industry but mainly to be able to communicate our message to more practitioners and practice managers”

states the design firm director