Pantone’s Colour Of The Year Is Ultra-Violet: Could It Work For You?

Pantone announced the 2018 Color of the Year back in December. The winning tone, dubbed Ultra-Violet, is a wonderfully deep purple that leaps off any surface lucky enough to wear it. The Pantone Color Institute, a global leader in interior design trends, selected this shade because it perfectly encapsulated the moment in time we will remember as 2018. Ultra-violet reflects the night sky, with its vast, limitless potential; the unconventional enigma of counter-culture icons, and the ancient mysticism associated with the colour.

How could Ultra-Violet enhance the interior design of your office, healthcare centre, or other commercial space?

Ultra-Violet as a feature

A feature acts as a focal point for the eye, and it’s a creative way to add some flair to your space. While a colour like Ultra-Violet may not be suitable for every surface, implementing a feature wall in this shade can add dimension and provide context for the rest of the room. Feature walls are a great way to explore the relationship between colour and pattern, and can be achieved in many ways. Whether a well-selected wallpaper, a smartly curated collection of pictures and items, or merely a few coats of paint, the effect can be extremely impressive.

Ultra-Violet as an accent

Ultra-Violet is by its nature somewhat bold, though by using it as an accent, it can be softened considerably. This colour looks great next to lighter shades of purple, deep reds and blues or even pale yellow if you’re after some natural exuberance. Of course, Ultra-Violet will also pair well with muted, neutral tones and truthfully this colour can be exploited in infinite ways by a talented interior designer. Whether you utilise Ultra-Violet for a piece of furniture or simply as a highlight on existing fixtures, the results can add the touch of class your space deserves.

Ultra-Violet as a texture

Pantone’s Colour of the Year knows almost no bounds, as it can also be used to add texture to a space. Picture heavy velvet curtains in your break room, soft and fluffy throw pillows in collaborative work spaces, or cool, smooth tiles in your kitchen. Even a vase full of lavender at the front desk could go a long way. There’s no area of your business that couldn’t benefit from a touch of texture, and Ultra-Violet offers a wonderful way to do this.

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