Renovation Rescue – The Private Practice Magazine Spring 2013


Planning on renovating your rooms but don’t know where to start? Monica Benavides maps out a five-step process to simplify the task.

A surprisingly high number of healthcare practitioners are so afraid to start a renovation process at their current practices that many projects are postponed indefinitely. Items such as the renovation cost, the disruption to their businesses and the impact on their staff and patients are the main concerns in the short term that cloud the benefits of undergoing the renovation in the first place. Living in a competitive and more informed business environment also applies to medical and specialists’ practices these days.

The current patient that approaches the practice now gets more informed of what they’d like to receive on their consultation and the expectations are set up high even before they walk into the practice. The result of that experience is a mixture between different factors, including the impression they’ll receive of your practice environment. Good design that results in a welcoming and pleasant environment for your patients will not only highlight the services you provide but will enhance staff efficiency and performance, resulting in an amicable attitude to your patients. So, how do you achieve this?