Will Your New Office Reflect Your Company Culture?

Establishing culture in the workplace is about far more than logos and company colours. It’s about creating a cohesive environment that is on one hand conducive to the way your employees work and on the other hand reflects your brand values. You’ll be looking to create a space where your employees, clients and visitors feel welcome and engaged. Of course, “culture” in any sense of the word is difficult to quantify, but the right design can leave a strong impression and contribute towards a more productive workforce.Here are a few things you should consider before you begin the design process.

Consider who you’re designing for

While you may have clients visit the office regularly, the people who will be using this space the most are your employees. For this reason it’s important to consider how each of your departments work, and what kind of spaces lend themselves to those approaches to work. It’s fairly common to bring your employees into the process, maintaining an open dialog to ensure their needs and concerns are heard.This will help considerably in the long run, as this information will help you identify the spaces you need, as well as how employees approach work.

In a space like this, a long meeting isn’t so bad.

Coming up with a layout that benefits everyone may be something of a juggling act. This should partly be decided by the results of speaking with your employees and partly work around the way you conduct meetings with clients. Will your meeting rooms support the types of meetings you need to have? Will your staff benefit from communal areas as well as personal spaces? Can employees easily move about from one area to another? These are the questions you’ll need to consider just to start with.Creating a cohesive whole

While there is no metric for “culture”, it’s easy to sense when you enter a workspace. Furniture is a great contributor towards this. Sleek and modern furnishings will create a different atmosphere than design elements that learn towards a more residential, homely feel. Think about the kind of mood you want to create in your employees and this should paint a clearer picture of the type of decor you need to look at.

An improved workflow

A well-designed workspace can improve productivity by an estimated 15 per cent, according to a 2016 paper published by Harvard Business School. While sustainability and new technologies have been an important factor in the design of  offices for so long, modern designers are moving towards a more people-centric approach. This approach has yielded strong results across all types of businesses. Whether the design is ultra-modern or vibrant and artistic, it’s all about making the right choices for your company.

Innova doesn’t take a blanket approach to any industry. We don’t assume that because your business does X then your design should be Y. We’re all about working together to understand your needs and provide the design the best reflects your values and culture. For more information about commercial fit outs, contact the team at Innova today.